Ottawa Clean Pro's is a professional cleaning service with over 15 years of cleaning experience, backed by years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we dedicate our time and expertise to maintaining healthy and clean commercial environments. Whether you need a one-time service like a post construction clean up project or recurring services to keep your office or retail space presentable, you can count on us for assistance.

Maintaining a clean office offers plenty of benefits. Here are a few reasons to have your commercial space regularly cleaned by a professional:

  1. Leave a positive impression on your guests and clients.
  2. Minimize allergies and prevent the spread of disease.
  3. Create a comfortable working environment for your employees.
  4. Maintain the professional appearance of your space.

We use the latest inspection software to do our best to keep track of the cleaning in your facility, we take time with our clients in these inspection to work with you the client for a better experience.

Cleaning office buildings

A Company Name You Can Trust

We believe you are only as good as the last job you have completed. Whether we have restored the marble floors of a hotel lobby, cleaned an office building, or provided a janitorial service, we always do our best. Our rates are reasonable, and you will enjoy no hidden fees with us. Choosing us is a clear win-win!

No matter if we are cleaning a shop or an entire building here in the city, we always customize our work process depending on the specific requirements of the client. Our cleaning products and equipment are top-notch, and our team will not fail to impress you. We provide estimates upon request.


We offer flexible services for all types and areas of commercial and residential properties. We understand the specific needs and demands of every business and provide specialized cleaning service for every job.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning standards are the best in the business. With the latest techniques and equipment, along with our years of professional experience, we can quickly remove stains and rejuvenate old carpets.We use modern methods to guarantee excellent results every time. We specialize in using the Hot Water Extraction method, and our cleaning agents are eco-friendly as well, designed for use with many different kinds of carpet materials.

Strip & Wax

Flooring in commercial properties is often put under greater stress than in residential areas, meaning the approach to cleaning needs to be more intensive to match. In areas with high levels of footfall, wear and tear can accumulate significantly over time. That’s why we offer professional floor cleaning and waxing for all kinds of flooring. With our industrial grade surface-stripping techniques, we completely take away the built-up dirt and fully rejuvenate old flooring with a new sealant coating.

Janitorial Services

Offices should always be clean, presentable spaces that provide a pleasant working atmosphere for staff. Keeping up high standards can boost productivity, job satisfaction, and gives a positive impression to any visiting clients. Letting standards slip can get in the way of your business. We bring the skills and equipment to maintain pristine standards for offices, kitchen areas, canteens, restrooms, and any other facilities in the building to keep your staff and clients feeling comfortable in a professional working environment.

Window Cleaning

Windows are one of the most basic but easily overlooked elements of commercial cleaning. Almost any commercial property will benefit from having cleaner looking windows. The exterior surface of window glass deteriorates if a build up of dirt, pollens, salt etc. With our highly trained staff, specialized equipment, and years of experience, you can rely on Ottawa Clean Pro's to take care of your commercial window cleaning and leave them looking brand new.

Pressure Washing

Many surfaces around commercial buildings can build up dirt over time but can be kept in good condition fairly easy with some regular attention. However, there are some jobs that no amount of scrubbing and elbow grease will help with. At times like these, pressure washing can be the only option to get your surfaces back to their best. Using our high-level professional pressure washing equipment, we offer exceptional quality cleaning for driveways, floors, walls, sidewalks, tiling and more to get your building looking as good as new.

Parking Lot Cleaning

We offer parking lot cleaning and grounds cleanup to commercial property owners and property managers. We will clean up litter and trash from parking lots, sidewalks and surrounding landscapes as well as empty any outdoor trash receptacles as needed. We cooperate with your schedule to minimize disruption and maximize convenience. Our crews work after business hours and on weekends, if required.

High Dusting

There can be a substantial amount of hazardous biological pollutants inside of the dust, dirt and grime buildups in your facility. What’s worse are that these hazardous buildups can be in areas you would least suspect, including many hard to reach areas that require frequent high dusting.

Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric office furniture and panels are often forgotten in an overall janitorial and maintenance programs. Receiving less daily maintenance, spills quickly turn into unsightly spots. Like carpet, fabric on modular panels can attract airborne contaminates. Given the cost of office furniture a good cleaning program can extend product life and will improve the work environment in appearance and air quality.

Escalator Cleaning

An escalator is one of the first things patrons will see upon entering a hotel, airport or shopping center. No matter how clean the other areas of the building are, if the escalator is not clean people immediately can get a negative impression of the facility. Cleaning an escalator doesn’t have to be a challenge if there is a plan and the right equipment is used.

Disinficting & Sanitization

We use professional hospital grade, registered disinfectants approved by health Canada as a recommended use against Covid-19. These disinfectants provide fast and effective control of a broad spectrum of germs. Our registered fogging disinfectant is a powerful non-chlorinating oxidizing agent that is safe for a wide variety of uses. The disinfecting agent, physically changes the chemical make-up of germ compounds, then breaks down leaving no harmful residue. Our disinfectants are safe to use in commercial buildings, commercial kitchens, day care centers, first responder facilities, food processing and serving facilities, gyms, hospitals, homes, hotel/motels, locker rooms, medical labs, schools and vehicles.

Enjoy A Clean Home!

Keeping a tidy home can be a grueling task. Kids? Pets? Significant others? Have you ever felt like once you have finished cleaning one part of your home, another area is magically dirty? It almost seems impossible to keep your house clean. Let Ottawa Clean Pro's take care of the cleaning for you! We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best experience in the industry.

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